A familiar environment

Use tools that you already know from paint and illustration software. The digital sandbox paradigm lets you sculpt in a freeform, natural way.

Selection masking

Select any arbitrary set of heightfield pixels to limit and focus any modeling operation. Select by shape, by brushing, by searching for neighbouring elevations and colors, by loading from grayscale files, etc.

Flexible measurement

Work with realworld coordinates such as UTM or latitude/longitude, or use a custom local coordinate system. Use different measurement units for ground and altitude.

Filters and generators

Create and modify terrain using a variety of effects, from the basic to the very handy to the imaginative. Lakes, craters, hills, random and regular patterns, erosion... all sorts of heavy lifting just a few clicks away.


Flyover animations

Create motion paths for the camera and the look-at point, then generate frames using OpenGL or raytracing. Store any number of paths using the vector shape facility.


Create filter and selector plug-ins and macros using Lua. Specify UI dialogs using simple XML.

Contour lines and elevation labeling

Keep track of terrain elevations easily with contour lines that redraw in realtime, as you edit. Place elevation labels where you want.


Contour import/export and creation

Directly read in contour data from DXF polyline files, ESRI shapefiles, or from Adobe Illustrator gray-filled paths, and export to DXF. You can also create contour lines from raster terrain and vice versa.

Cut/fill volume analysis

Track differences between new and old terrain automatically, with statusbar readouts showing total cut and fill volumes and relative colormaps highlighting the location of edits. Assess volumes for selected subregions too.

Cross section analysis

Display cross sections along any vector shape's path, and query any point along a cross section for details, including cut/fill data.

Graphics tablet support

Gain a natural drawing feel. Apply a light touch to create subtle lifts and depressions or a heavy one to quickly push elevations around. Customize pressure sensitivity mappings individually for each tool.