Creating a board layout

A board layout defines which board squares have scoring bonuses (DL, TL, DW, and TW). By default, an empty layout is used, but you can add your own. You can mimic the layouts of Scrabble and other word games, or you can design your own layouts. You can define up to nine layouts. When you start a new match, you choose which layout to use.

Layouts don't have to be symmetrical (although symmetrical layouts are easier to make).

The "Zen" layout is included by default and cannot be edited, renamed, nor deleted. It's completely blank and is intended for players who want to score points using only the value of their tiles.

To create or change a board layout, tap Board layouts in the lobby menu.

In the list of board layouts, tap + to create a new layout. Tap a layout's name to view/edit the layout.

Tap a bonus button below the board to set the current bonus "ink". Then "paint" bonuses onto the board by tapping on the desired squares. The blank button lets you clear a bonus from a square.

The and buttons let you undo/redo your edits. Tap and then Symmetrify to copy and flip the northwest quadrant onto the other three quadrants, which saves time when editing a symmetrical layout.

To clear, rename, or delete a layout, tap the button and then tap the desired command.

To use a board layout, pick its name when creating a new match.

Your board layouts are stored under your Game Center ID on each device. If, for example, you let a friend use your phone and he signs in with his Game Center ID, only his board layouts will be available, and he cannot use nor modify your layouts. Also, since board layouts are stored on the device, they must be created again if you want to use them on a different device.

If you create well-known layouts, you should give them well-known names so that other players know what layout you have chosen for a game.