To access settings, tap the Settings command in the lobby menu.

Sets the language for the user interface. This can be different than the language dictionary used by a match. It only affects the language of the Flexwords UI, not your device. When Flexwords starts for the first time, it sets the language to match the device language, if possible (English is used otherwise).

Avatar shape:
Lets player icons appear in a circle, rounded square, or in a square.

Lets you turn sound effects on or off.

3D effects:
Lets you have a flat or a 3D appearance for game board tiles.

Easy tray drops:
Causes game tiles that are dragged off the board to land in the tray. Otherwise, game tiles must be explicitly dragged there.

Settings are stored on the device under your Game Center ID. If another person uses your device and signs in with their Game Center ID, they will use their settings.