Starting a new match

To create a match, click the + button in the lobby. A popup appears letting you configure the match's rules.

Board layout:
Determines which board squares have bonuses. An empty layout called "Zen" is always available, but you can create your own layouts.

Sets the language (i.e. word dictionary) for the match.

Flex turns:
A flex turn is when you move tiles that have already been played. This setting lets you allow no flex turns, up to ten, or to make flex turns always available.

Costs, multiplied:
Set the first switch to deduct points when making a flex turn, based on the value of the loosened tile. Set the second switch to also multiply that cost by the letter bonus of the square the tile was on (if any).

Tile taking, costs:
Set the first switch to let you move previously played tiles into your tray. Set the second switch to deduct points for taken tiles, based on their value.

Swapping, passing:
Set the first switch to allow swapping of tiles, and the second switch to allow turn passing. Disabling either forces players to consider flex turns in difficult situations.

Start from center:
Turn off to let the first turn start anywhere.

Set the points awarded when all seven tray tiles are played on a turn.

When your choices look good, tap Proceed, and then choose a Game Center friend to play with. Take the first turn, and your friend will be invited to play.