For landsite architects and artists, we offer Leveller, and for golf course designers, a specialized version called Landshaper Golf.

Both programs let you model using the digital sandbox methodology, where terrain is described as a regular grid of elevation pixels. This allows for freeform sculpting and realtime feedback. Vector shapes can be overlaid to perform texturing, object placement, and more sophisticated region operations including modeling with contour lines.

Digital sandbox illustration

Learning Curve

Modelers, by nature, have numerous features and can take time to learn. To help new users gain proficiency quickly, we made our programs similar to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You can be productive very early, or even on your first day.


System Requirements

Note: Windows Remote Desktop does not support accelerated OpenGL. But if the remote PC has a GPU installed, you can follow the instructions here to remotely join an active Leveller session.