A web-based art generator. Choose a graphic, set your options, and view the rendered result.

Daylon Xaos

Our version of the Xaos realtime fractal explorer that can copy fractal imagery to Leveller as elevation data.


A simple Windows applet that lets you view uncompressed TGA images with choosable transparency over other running applications. Handy, for example, when checking if a Leveller scene matches a reference photograph. A more advanced version using the .NET 4 framework is available here.

Console Tools

Our console (command-line) utilities for dumping USGS DEM and ESRI shapefile files, and reversing the internal row order of TGA files. This can be helpful when debugging problems with file import/export.


Some thoughts on other things, in PDF format:

Digital Image Space: An Infinite Finity  (Image Space Explorer Tool)
Improved Elevation Support in GDAL
Internet-Based Distributed Rendering
The Virtual Light of Other Days