Updating older versions of Leveller

The latest version of Leveller is 4.1. You can update older major versions (3.x, 2.x, etc.) by visiting the Order page and selecting the Leveller product.

If you already have Leveller 4.0 (or an older build of 4.1), you can obtain a free update by contacting us.


Updating from BS Geoformer

BS Geoformer was discontinued in September 2008. Users can upgrade to Daylon Leveller 4.1 for $49.95 USD. Geoformer documents can be read by Leveller.

To arrange switching over to Leveller, please contact us.


Updating from TerrainTek Golf Course Designer

TerrainTek Golf Course Designer was discontinued in January 2009. Users can update to Landshaper Golf 3.2 for $199.95 by visiting the Order page and selecting the Landshaper Golf product.