I'm Ray Gardener, and Daylon Graphics is my software company dedicated to making life easier for artists. It's located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My company is usually just me, but small is beautiful too. :)

My main project is Leveller, a heightfield/bumpmap/terrain modeler started in 1998. It's popular with game developers, game modders, GIS specialists, landscapers, and digital artists in general. Landshaper Golf, a variant for golf course architects, was also made but has been superceded by Leveller.

I also work on other software, like the free renderSight Scripter vector graphics IDE and more recently, two open source video games that use Unreal Engine. Like Leveller, they're all written in my favorite programming language, C++.

My hobbies include writing, art, drawing cartoons, and philosophy. They're a good fit because software needs documentation, and testing a modeling program requires knowledge of digital art tools. I started as a commercial artist in Montreal and later worked at Corel, which was good training for doing stuff on my own.

I occasionally help other companies on contract. If you need someone to assist with a project in C#/C++/Unreal Engine, I can be reached on LinkedIn.

As far as philosophy, I'm partial to what Robert Pirsig said: "The real cycle you’re working on is a cycle called yourself. The machine that appears to be "out there" and the person that appears to be "in here" are not two separate things. They grow toward Quality or fall away from Quality together."

I've met people who got into technology because they wanted to make money, but that kind of pursuit feels hollow to me. I'm more interested in building things that help people. I understand money is necessary to keep the lights on, but it can't be the only reason that one does something.

If you have any questions, some of the links on this site may help. If they don't, I can be reached at the email address listed on the Contact page.