DEMs (Digital Elevation Models), etc.

Need elevation data? Other related tools? Ben Discoe's Virtual Terrain Project site has tons of links to helpful stuff.

Daylon Xaos

Our version of the Xaos realtime fractal explorer that can copy fractal imagery to Leveller as elevation data.


A small Windows program that lets you test your graphics tablet. If e.g. Leveller is not using your tablet correctly, you can try TabletTest to help pinpoint the problem.


A simple Windows applet that lets you view uncompressed TGA images with choosable transparency over other running applications. Handy, for example, when checking if a Leveller scene matches a reference photograph. A more advanced version using the .NET 4 framework is available here.

Console Tools

Our console (command-line) utilities for dumping USGS DEM and ESRI shapefile files, and reversing the internal row order of TGA files. This can be helpful when debugging problems with file import/export.

PenStorm 3.0 beta for Power Macintosh classic environment

Into retro Mac software? This is the 1996 program that begat renderSight Scripter. Renders PostScript-like scripts inside interactive frames on a document canvas. If running under OS X, it needs to support the Classic environment (i.e. MacOS 9.2). Also available at the Macintosh Repository

PenStorm 3.0 beta source code

For those interested in seeing how old Mac software was written, or like to study object-oriented implementations of PostScript interpreters. If building, Metrowerks CodeWarrior 8.3 is recommended. Also available at the Macintosh Repository

Defense Condition

An extended remake of Williams Electronics 1981 Stargate arcade game using Unreal Engine. Source code available on GitHub

Stellar Mayhem

A remake of Atari's classic Asteroids arcade game using Unreal Engine, packaged for Windows. The source code is available as well on GitHub


Some thoughts on other things, in PDF format:

Digital Image Space: An Infinite Finity  (Image Space Explorer Tool)
Improved Elevation Support in GDAL
Internet-Based Distributed Rendering
The Virtual Light of Other Days


Some other stuff by Ray at LinkedIn:

A Simple Mediator Class for C++
Keeping C++ Classes Free of Serialization and Other Visitor-type Dependencies
Automated Feature Omission in Compilers
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Better Task Estimating: Software Estimation Inversion
The Return of Single Player Gaming
Positive Implications of Universal Basic Income on Software Development
Towards Better Clipart Provisioning
Why Do Programmers Make Bugs?
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Fiction by Ray:

The White Room and Other Stories
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