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As a registered user, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Trusted-source product binaries
  • Support
  • Free minor version updates
  • Perpetual licence, not a subscription
  • No Internet connection required
  • No documents nor other user content shared with us, used for AI training, etc.

Pay via credit card or Apple Pay

Price is in USD. You'll be asked for your your email address, user name and computer name.

Pay via PayPal

PayPal is migrating away from their original payment button APIs so until we do the same, orders for Leveller 4.3 can be placed by logging into PayPal and sending $49.95 USD to sales@daylongraphics.com.

Please include in the order notes your email address, user name and computer name.


Your user name can be anything; it's displayed in the software's splash screen and is also used as an installation credential. If you need help determining your computer's name, please click here.

If you forget to include your user name or computer name, you'll receive an email asking for them.

After your order is processed, a download link will be sent to you via email shortly thereafter. This is usually just a few hours but please allow up to 24 hours.

The email includes the download size and several checksums. These can be used to verify that your downloaded installer is valid. Popular utilities to obtain checksums include 7-Zip and Checksum Tool.

We use secure SPF/DKIM email protocols to let your email provider know that our messages are legitimate, but some providers can still over-filter. If so, please check your other email folders. All our emails originate from our domain daylongraphics.com.

If you didn't receive our email in any of your message folders, your email service or ISP may have incorrectly blacklisted our domain. Please send us an alternate email address or a phone number to which we can send you a text message.