About Leveller 4.3


What's new?

You may first need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2022 redistributable package. Once installed, the redistributable can be kept up-to-date via Windows Update.

Should I upgrade to Leveller 4.3 from 4.2?

It depends on how old your version of 4.2 is; you may miss out on fixes made between October 2019 and now.

If you've been running Leveller with HighDPI awareness and putting up with control layout artifacts in dialog boxes, these have been fixed in 4.3.

To see the particular fixes and changes you would get, compare your purchase date to the dates in the Change Log.

Upgrades from previous 4.x versions are free; please contact us to obtain.

Leveller 4.3 uses a different licence code protocol, so your licence code will change. You should backup both the installer and its credentials in case you need to reinstall 4.3.

Can I upgrade to the last version of Leveller 4.2?

No, sorry. For simplicity, we only maintain the latest version.

If I upgrade, can I run Leveller 4.3 alongside my current version?

Yes, Leveller 4.3 uses its own installation and user data directories. The document format is also the same as in Leveller 4.2, so documents can be safely roundtripped (unless the document stores golf hole routings, in which case you should upgrade to the most recent version of Leveller 4.3).